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Body Strength Workout

No matter your age or athletic ability, strength training is the key to flexibility, mobility, improved performance and lower injury risk. Anyone, at any fitness level, can strength train. And it doesn’t have to take hours at the gym to see results. We’ll teach you the basics of strength training in the comfort of your own home. It’ll take only 9 to 10 minutes of exertion to complete a full-body strength-building workout. Grab a towel and get ready to feel strong.

Set 1: Bodyweight Squat, Push-Ups and Mountain Climbers

Do each of the exercises in this set for one minute each, not stopping between exercises. 

Set 2: Plank, Bodyweight Split Squat and Single-Leg Hip Raise

Take a one-minute break after the first set of exercises. Now you’re ready for set two. 

Set 3: Burpee With Push-Up, Single-Leg Toe Touches and Leg Raises

Good news! You’re almost done. Take a one-minute break after the second set. Then start the third set, again performing each exercise for one minute each. 

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