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TuffSquad started from the idea that a studio could be more than a gym. It could be a team of people working toward the same goal – Self-Empowerment.


Before TUFFSQUAD became a reality, I envisaged a studio with a ‘team’ environment, not your typical gym full of people with headphones on, looking in the mirror at themselves.

I wanted an environment, with those who are on the same path as you. Those who support and encourage each other, give you a spot, or simply just some moral support.

Giving access to coaching so you are not flailing around trying to figure out how to get to your end goal, putting in work and effort and feeling like your getting no where, getting frustrated and possibly giving up.

Kawaljeet Kaur

Founder Tuffsquad Fitness Studio

TuffSquad Fitness Studio


At TUFFSQUAD, our number 1 focus is to get you amazing results – because that’s what you come to us for, and that’s what we are passionate about. There is so much conflicting information out there about fitness. At TUFFSQUAD, you don’t need to stress, or worry if what you are doing is right – that’s our job!

TUFFSQUAD has a great, friendly, positive family environment where everyone cheers each other on. There are no egos – just a lot of people like yourself who are there to work hard and get results (and maybe make friends along the way).

All our spare cash goes to learning from the best in the world how to get our clients the best results in the world. Some of the amazing people we have been mentored.

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