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At TuffSquad we want our clients to achieve their fitness goals and more importantly maintain them. We offer a range of services to help our clients get the most out of their training.


Our style of Group Training is unique. It’s not run like a class, even though we run hourly session blocks in both the morning and evenings.
It is like Group PT. You have a Coach there watching members work through programs, and provide guidance and support where needed.
So what does TuffSquad Group Training look like?

Tailored programs

At TuffSquad our Head Coach writes a tailored program for each of clients, which is based on their fitness goals, and is changed every four weeks. Clients work through this at their Group Training session.

Book into sessions

Clients book into Group sessions on whatsapp chat or phone call and Book time slot.

FUN FACT! Booking into training sessions helps to keep our clients accountable and consistent with their training.

Work through the program

Clients work through their tailored training programs during their scheduled session, which is overseen by a coach. The coach is there to give support, guidance, answer questions, ensure clients are performing exercises safely and motivate clients to get results you are unlikely to achieve by yourself.

Work out together

But it’s not personal training. There are up to 12 other people working out in the studio around you, all working on their own programs. The coach is shared between the group with members asking questions where needed.

Stronger Together

We watch our clients form friendships and work with others on similar programs to encourage each other, provide a bit of friendly competition and help each other out when they need it.


At TuffSquad our experienced Coaches all offer 1 on 1 sessions for our clients at our Boutique style studio in Gurgaon.

1 on 1 Training sessions are great if you need a little extra motivation or are unsure about jumping straight into our Group Training Sessions
They are also the way to go if you want a little bit of extra attention or help reaching a fitness goal and are after a class that works around your schedule.


At TuffSquad we believe diet needs to be individually tailored to the client. It’s about finding out what is going to work for YOU! We achieve this with our fortnightly check-ins with our sports nutritionist who gives ongoing coaching to help get you to your goals. Just giving someone a diet and telling them to go away and do it never helped anyone!
Ongoing coaching with fortnightly check-ins helps provide accountability, support, feedback through measuring progress, mindset help, help to overcome plateaus and to identify roadblocks, help with tailoring the diet to you to not only achieve great results but to make it as enjoyable and sustainable as possible.
We can help you with your fat loss, muscle growth and performance goals. Diet breaks, reverse diets, negotiating eating out and learning how to maintain and eat intuitively all factor into our coaching.


Can’t make it into the TuffSquad Fitness Studio in Gurgaon but still want to achieve amazing results? Not a problem. Our Online Coaching has our remote clients covered.

At TuffSquad a number of our clients are workers or live-in remote communities. We help them by providing a mix of online support and programs while they are at work, and in-gym support when at home to help them reach their fitness goals.
At TuffSquad we provide our online clients our call support which delivers your training program & nutrition plan, as well as online zoom check-ins for personal support.
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